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by Erick Richardson



An ode to Mona.


When we made love
It was everything I'd ever dreamed
Now, I've had enough
I'll never have to hear another scream
Cause you fill me with
More than the average
And I run to it
I run to your door
And you leave it open

Everybody wants your time
And you give it to me
Tell me, how did I
How did I get so lucky

You'll be my girl forever

This girl is everything I'll ever need
She'll carry my seed
And I'll provide everything she ever dreamed
Gonna make it hard
Make it so hard for her to ever leave
I'll make her smile every day
Her body will feel the pleasure in every place
And every night, I'll kiss her face
Let her know
That no matter what, she'll never be replaced

We'll rule the world together

Nobody ever told me life was fair
Said I was a fool cause I put these wishes in the air
But I don't care
They can call me lucky
Cause she says she loves me
Gone head, call me lucky
You can call me lucky
But you can't call her ugly
Cause she says she loves me
That's why I'm so lucky, yeah
You can call me lucky
But you can't call her ugly, no
Yeah, she says she loves me
Now, I know I'm lucky


released August 30, 2016
Written and Produced by Erick Richardson.
Album art by The Universe.



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Erick Richardson Atlanta, Georgia

Songwriter inspired by the beauty of life.

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